• INFN project "DiElectric and METallic Radiofrequency Accelerator" (DEMETRA): 2016 - present. DEMETRA will consider the modeling, development and experimental validation of metallic and dielectric high-gradient linear accelerating structures. A total dielectric linear accelerating structure at scalable frequency with experimental validation at 11 GHz will be designed, fabricated and experimentally validated.
  • Erasmus Mundus project "Europe - Asia - Pacific Exchange programme in Nanophotonics" (NANOPHI): 2014 - present. The Europe - Asia - Pacific Exchange programme in Nanophotonics (NANOPHI project) proposes to enhance partnerships and facilitate exchanges of Ph.D. students, postdoctoral fellows and staff members between leading European and Asian Pacific research groups in the cutting-edge field of nanophotonics. The overall aim of the NANOPHI project is to foster the capacity for international cooperation between universities in Australia and New Zealand and universities in EU countries.
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