Since 2002 I have been active in several research areas that are characterized by a strong degree of interdisciplinarity. Here is a short list of my research interests and a description of some specific topics I dealt with during my career.
  • Plasmonics: metallic nano-antennas; metallic and graphene plasmon waveguides; nonlinear plasmonics.
  • Graphene: graphene silicon photonics; graphene plasmonics; graphene nonlinear optics.
  • Nonlinear optics: nonlinear effects in guiding structures and antennas.
  • Computational electromagnetics: numerical and analytical techniques for guided waves.
  • Antennas: nano-antennas; UWB antennas; WLAN antennas; wireless systems.
  • Smart cities and communities: smart grids; smart maintenance; factories of the future.