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Past projects

  • 2014-2016: Cariplo Foundation project "Second HArmonic Plasmon-Enhanced Sensing" (SHAPES).
  • 2014-2015: Graphene Flagship project "GRAphene PHotonics Applications for Transmitters And Receivers" (GRAPHATAR).
  • 2014: Regione Lombardia project “Smart Campus as Urban Open Labs” (SCUOLA).
  • 2012: AFOSR-EOARD project "New frontiers in plasmonic periodic structures: engineering optical non-linearities of metals".
  • 2010-2011: Cariplo Foundation project "Engineering optical non-linearities using plasmon resonances in metal-insulator metamaterials)" (METAMETA).
  • 2010: AFOSR-EOARD project "Optical waveform generators based on temporal and spectral shaping in nonlinear metamaterials".
  • 2010: British-Italian partnership programme, project "Modelling of carbon nanotube based nonlinear saturable absorbers for all-optical processing applications".
  • 2007-2008: PRIN project "Nanostructured waveguides for nonlinear processing of optical signals in the time and spectral domain".
  • 2006-2007: PRIN project "Design of a single-chip Ultra Wide Band portable radar".
  • 2005-2006: PRIN project "Design of nanosensors based on photonic crystal slabs".
  • 2003-2004: PRIN project "Numerical and analytical modeling of parametric and photonic-bandgap devices in proton exchanged waveguides in surface periodic poled lithium niobate".
  • 2002-2004: IST-FET project "Ultrafast all optical signal processing in engineered quadratic nonlinear waveguides".
  • 2001-2003: FIRB project "Modeling and numerical methods of photonic devices for high capacity optical networks".